Case study | positioning story

Hiya adds 120M users with improved positioning

This image compares's website before and after a positioning revamp. On the left it shows unclear and vague positioning, and on the right is shows a problem and solution positioning that is easy to understand.
Hiya went from a vague and unclear positioning (left) to a tangible problem and solution positioning (right).

Hiya used to talk about trust and identity in the phone call but it wasn't clear what that meant and who it was for. A visit to the website made it look like it was a consumer app and not a premium enterprise solution.

A comprehensive positioning exercise identified differentiators, competitive moats, and leveled the positioning up from being perceived as a consumer app to a strategic, C-level decision around voice performance.

The exercise identified a clear problem in the market, the voice performance gap, and led to coining the term Voice Performance Platform. The process helped create clear distinctions between products, customer segments, and their respective selling points. This broke a highly complex and technical platform into two major products, Hiya Protect and Hiya Connect, each with clear target customers and benefits. Hiya Protect is for carriers who need to protect customers against spam and fraud calls, and Hiya Connect is for enterprise sales teams who need branded calls to reach more customers.

Since the positioning update, Hiya has gone from 130 million to 250 millions users and closed deals with the likes of Ericsson, Rogers Canada, AT&T, and British Telecom.

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