Sales enablement examples

Set your sales team up for success

Horizontal image split into two. Black background on the left, white background on the right. Left side says "From death by slides: Too many technical details, information overload, no strategy and no story. (Arrow points right). Right side says: To engaging stories: Crisp concise presentations, clear differentiation, strategic storytelling.
Go from pitch decks and collateral that is too long and too detailed, to crisp concise positioning and messaging.

Sales collateral prospects understand

Make sure your sales team has the right collateral for every stage of the buying journey. Below are examples of content that can help accelerate and close deals.

Pitch decks

Compelling pitch decks that land the message right, every time.


Share one-pagers at conferences or with prospects that are not ready for a meeting yet.

Sales enablement example of a one-pager


Follow your meetings up with a short company overview prospects can easily share internally

Sales enablement example of a three page leave-behind.


Videos are great at every stage of the buying journey from raising awareness to education buyers.

Collage of still images from various videos created for use in startup sales motions.
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