Find product-market fit

Market Validation

Interviews of existing and potential customers as well as internal, customer-facing teams. Findings will be summarized in report along with recommendations for next steps.
3-6 weeks depending on access to existing customers and employees.
By the end of the process you will receive a report describing your ideal customer profile and how to sell to them.

Development and testing of hypothesis by conducting interviews with customer-facing teams, current customers, and prospective customers. The process will uncover the pains and needs of your target market and determine if you are on the right track with your offering.

By the end of the project, you will have a written overview describing the ideal customer profile. This is an essential foundation for running effective marketing campaigns and sales outreach and a great step before doing a broader positioning exercise. 

The length of this project depends on the amount of interview and access to interviewees. A typical length ranges from 3-6 weeks. Below is a typical timeline. 

Week 1 : Kick-off,  scheduling, and development of hypothesis
Week 2: Review of known metrics, interviews with customer-facing teams
Week 3: Interviews with existing customers 
Week 4: Interviews with prospects
Week 5: Summary and write-up of findings
Week 6: Presentation of findings and Ideal Customer Profile overview

1. Development of hypothesis and creation of interview framework
2. Interviews with 5-10 internal team members (client to facilitate meetings)
3. Interviews with 5-25 existing customers (client to facilitate meetings)
4. Interviews with 5-25 prospective customers (client to facilitate meetings)
5. Presentation of findings and recommended next steps
6. Document describing your ideal customer profile

Pricing is projects-based and depends on final scope. Discounts are available for minority-owned and women-owned businesses; by purchasing multiple services; and by referring new clients.

Tip: This service is a natural jumping off point for the Positioning Story service. This service bundle increases the speed and impact of your go-to-market strategy.

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